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Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Bath Products

*From what materials are Safety Bath products made?

Safety Bath Classic/Stretch models as well as the Supreme model are made of tough, easy to care for marine grade fiberglass. The So-Lo and So-Lo With Shower Deck are acrylic.

*Where can Safety Bath be purchased?

Safety Bath Australasia is the exclusive Safety Bath dealer in Australia and New Zealand. Please contact us at:

Safe Bath Australasia
Box 1032
NSW 2101
Telephone: +61 2 9970 56 61

Toll Free:
1800 5 05 712
or click here to Email

Is a spa/whirlpool system available?

Yes. The Classic/Stretch models offer a choice of 4 jet water massage or 12 jet warm air massage. The So-Lo offers a 12 jet warm air massage option. The Supreme models have the San-Air System which is ensures hygienic bathing when multiple users bathe in the same bathtub.

*I live in New Zealand.  How can I order the bath ?

Place your order by contacting Safe Bath Australasia.

*What certifications do Safety Bath products have?

Safety Bath products are both CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and ANSI/UL (American Standards Institute/Underwriters Laboratories) approved.

*What are the dimensions of the Safety Bath Serenity model?

Safety Bath is 85.09 cm wide, 92.7 cm from front to back, and 65.8 cm tall. Safety Bath also offers a 3 corner finishing skirt that will finish off the raw area where a Serenity/Stretch model is replacing a regular sized bathtub.

* Your competitor's bath is 15 to 18 cm taller than the Classic Safety Bath.  Does this mean that the water will be deeper in their tub?

No, the measurement from the floor inside the tub to the floor outside the tub is much greater than that of the Safety Bath.  You will need to step up as much as 19 cm off the floor in other tubs.

*I am 135 kg. Is the Safety Bath Classic big enough to accommodate me?

Yes. If you are over 135 kg or over 1.83 m tall, we recommend the Stretch model, which measures 1.03 m rather than 92.7 cm from front to back

* Can the Safety Bath Classic be ordered with a right or left door swing?

Yes. We need to know this information when you order. We think of the door swing as if you are looking at the tub from outside the door.

Left Hand Door SwingLeft Hand Door Swing Right Hand Door SwingRight Hand Door Swing

*What are the dimensions of the So-Lo models?

The So-Lo and So-Lo with Shower Deck will fit in a standard bathtub opening

*Are Safety Bath products wheel chair accessible?

No.   Anyone that can walk with a walker can access Safety Bath.  To accommodate wheelchair users, a lift would be required.

*Where can the bath be installed?

Safety Bath models can be used as a replacement for your regular bathtub.  It can also be installed in a spare room, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

*How is the plumbing hookup done for Safety Bath models?

Safety Bath plumbing is hooked up from below just as a regular bathtub.

*How much water do Safety Bath models hold?

Safety Bath models hold the same amount of water as a regular bath tub.

*I have seen larger tubs for twice the price.  Is a larger bath better?

The size of the laarger tubs will cause you problems with the fill time.  Also you will need to change your water lines to 1.9 cm and increase the size of your water heater in order to accommodate their unit.

*What is the warranty on Safety Bath products?

Safety Bath door seals have a lifetime warranty. The hydrotherapy components, door handle, latching mechanism and the bathtub itself are guaranteed for 5 years.

*What maintenance is required?

Cleaning and maintenance is the same as your regular bathtub.  DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS.

*In what colors are Safety Bath products available?

The bath tubs are only available in white.

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