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How does Safety Bath Classic/Stretch compare with other walk in bathtubs on the market?
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Components of the Serenity Safety Bath

* Classic measures 85.9 cm wide, 92.7 cm from front to back and 65.79 cm in height*Holds same amount of water as a regular bathtub

*Compact size makes more room in a bathroom and can even fit in closet space.
*Faster to fill and drain
*Easier for a care-giver to reach for assistanc


SizeLarge size tub, longer to fill and drain, controls harder to reach

*Many are quite large - often made this way to allow room for an inward swinging door.

*Takes longer to fill and longer to drain

*You may need a larger water heater

* When you are sitting, water
that fills in front of your knees is unneeded

Door Swing

*Safety Bath features an outward door swing which allows for easier entry and a more compact bathtub

* Can be ordered with
    left hand 
or right hand door hinge

Left Hand hinge ( door swing) Right hand hinge (door swing)

Door Swing

* Many tubs on the
market feature

Diffult to get the knees past the inward door swing
inward door swings.  Notice how difficult it is to get your legs around the inward swing door.

* Many care homes do not recommend inward swing doors because of the inability to get someone out in an emergency.

Ease of EntryLow step ensures ease of entry

* Our step is the lowest in
the industry.  Although you
will step over a 11 cm door sill our tub floor is only 5cm above your house floor

Ease of Entry
High step to enter the tub

* A 17 cm step or greater is common in many other walk in bathtubs
Door Width Wide door for easy access

*Safety Bath's door
opening is 45.7 cm wide
Door Width
Narrow door width makes access difficult
Most baths that feature an inward swinging door, have a very narrow door width.

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