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The Supreme

is Safety Bath's institutional walk in bathtub, designed for the large percentage of clients in institutional settings who are being bathed in lift tubs but could access a walk in bathtub if one were available. The Supreme offers dignity, privacy and a homelike appearance.


  • Measures 85.09 cm W X 74.93 cm H X 1.015 m L
  • Made of durable marine grade gel-coat fibreglass
  • CSA and UL approved
  • 12 jet San Air System - prohibits contaminated
    water from entering the whirlpool system.
    Multiple jets - 12 jets to provide more therapeutic value
  • Hot Air Purge - removes moisture at the whirlpool tip jets
  • Security Latch and grab bar in the door - Eliminates accidental opening of the door and grab bar stabilizes the user when entering or exiting
  • Heated seat - provides a warm surface upon
  • Outward swing door & emergency drain - Allows
    for a smaller tub, uses 50% less water. Outward swing doors allow for emergency exit.
  • Easy to reach controls- No reaching or stretching and less strain for the caregiver. Scald free pressure balanced faucet - Water remains at constant temperature, eliminating accidental scalding


For the Facility

  • Reduced drain and fill time as opposed to institutional lift tubs,
    allowing more baths per day per unit.
  • Requires very little space.
  • Environmentally friendly, uses 50% less water than a lift tub.
  • Economically viable - is less expensive than a lift tub and uses
    less sanitizing chemcial in operation.
  • Ability to use an optional lift provides versatility and
    adaptablilty to changing needs.

For the Client

  • San-Air Whirlpool System eliminates the risk of bacteria (psuedomonas) found in regular whirlpool systems.
  • Easy access for the client, promotes, rather than thwarts, independence.
  • Provides a safe, confortable, friendly environment.
  • Multiple jets provide therapeutic relief.
  • Clients love the privacy provided by the height of the tub which obscures the caregiver's line of sight.

For the Caregiver

  • Significantly lowers the risk of caregiver related injuries.
  • Clients as well as all operating components are within easy
    reach at all times.
  • Outward swing door makes emergency access possible.
  • Minimal or no lifting at all required if the client is ambulatory.

The Supreme walk in bathtub for hosp[itals and care homes

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