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Does someone you love and care for need assistance to bathe?

Safe Bath Australasia takes pride in introducing the walk in bathtub to Australia and New Zealand. Safe Bath Australasia is an exclusive Australian dealer for Safety Bath walk in bathtubs. Safety Bath designs bathtubs that allow easy and safe access for seniors and others who have difficulty entering or exiting a bathtub, as well as walk in bathtubs for the changing needs of the baby boomer generation, and alternatives to the lift bathtubs commonly used in hospitals and care homes.


Classic & Stretch Residential Models

The Classic is a step-in bathtub with a door, designed with safety as its premier purpose, available as a soaker bathtub or as a water jetted or warm air massage tub.

The Classic features a low step for easy entrance, a booster seat to provide additional height for those who find it difficult to rise from a sitting position, easy to reach controls and easy close handle.

The Classic satisfies the needs of the aging population as well as the needs of persons with disabilities, can be found in private homes as well as in assisted living facilities and has been incorporated in bathroom renovations as well as new designs. The Classic makes independent personal care a reality for those who are handicapped or the elderly.

Users have come to love the safety of the barrier free, universal design and the independence it offers.

So-Lo with Safety Seat

The SO-LO was designed to meet the needs of the aging baby boomer accessible tub that accommodates a wide range of individual bathing preferences and changing abilities. The innovative design of the So-Lo walk in tub accommodates the demand for universal design in the residential marketplace, allowing for aging in place. With the addition of optional warm air massage, the So-Lo offers a relaxing, therapeutic element to the everyday bath.
Safety Bath's So-Lo walk in tub now comes complete with a Safety Seat which can be installed whenever you choose, while the So-Lo with Shower Deck model offers a seating area along the length of the bathtub. More

Safe Bath Australasia invites you to Have a Safe Bath

Supreme Institutional model for assisted living, hospitals and other facilities where multiple users use the same bathtub
The SUPREME was designed to fill the void between a regular household bathtub and an institutional lift bathtub, commonly found in group home/assisted living facilities.
The Supreme provides an answer to care homes, hospitals and nursing home facilities whose concern is to accommodate the changing needs of clients in a non-threatening atmosphere.
The Supreme is less expensive to operate than traditional lift tubs, caregiver and client friendly and offers a totally hygienic SanAir Whirlpool system to eliminate the risk of infectious bacteria. More
ADEX AWARD for Design Excellence
Safety Bath Inc. - Winner of the Adex Platimum Award for design excellence

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